Strategic and Acquisition Finance

Natixis is a widely recognized specialist for acquisition finance and optimized finance. We ensure global coverage thanks to our multi-disciplinary team of 80 professionals split between Paris, London, Milan, Madrid, New York, Hong Kong and Sydney.

A wide spectrum of tools

We furnish a broad range of tools to assist clients in executing their strategies. Our clients include companies, financial institutions, investment funds and family owned holding groups.

  • Corporate Acquisition Finance: financing of acquisitions of majority shareholdings of a listed or unlisted company by another, with or without recourse on the buyer.

  • Sponsor Finance: LBO financing of acquisitions of both majority and minority stakes for investment fund and family owned holding group clients.

  • Optimized Finance: cost-optimized finance for our clients; these include carry-overs of tax credits such as tax credits to boost competitiveness and employment, and research & development, asset finance for aircraft, boats and wind farms, and the use of security trusts.