Commodity and Energy Finance

Natixis has leveraged the experience of 30 years in the natural resources industry to become one of the Top 10 global banks. We cover the five principal commodity groups: agricultural commodities, energy producers, oil services, mining and metal industry operators, energy and metal traders.

The business line serves all players in the commodities value chain:

  • producers,
  • processors,
  • traders,
  • importers,
  • distributors,
  • service providers.

Global Energy & Commodities assists 600 client groups in over 80 countries, harnessing a global presence which boasts more than 140 professionals in France and ten dedicated offices abroad.

Globally recognized arrangement and syndication capability

Natixis furnishes a comprehensive and innovative array of financing solutions across the total spectrum of the world’s energy, metals and agricultural commodities markets:

  • pre-export financing pledged to export contracts,
  • trade finance pledged to commodity flows,
  • financing external growth transactions for sector companies,
  • borrowing-base finance facilities,
  • reserve-based lending and mining finance,
  • ad hoc repo facilities,
  • revolving credit facilities.