Why European tech scale-ups should go public

Scale-ups already growing strongly may not consider a public listing as necessary, or may find themselves daunted by the process or put off by the prospect of enhanced scrutiny of their business. But an IPO brings significant benefits that can help power your company’s growth and get the edge over rivals in today’s hyper-competitive landscape.

Natixis’ Equity Capital Markets team presented the advantages of going public to a group of 11 fast-growing Italian tech scale-ups in Milan on 16 October 2018. The presentation was made as part of Euronext’s “TechShare” programme, for which Natixis is a partner for the fourth year running.

An IPO (initial public offering) is primarily aimed at raising capital, allowing a company to bolster and diversify its capital base by providing access to a broad and global investor base. It also opens the door to many other financing opportunities, including the issuance of further equity or                                                    For convertible bonds, and reduces the cost of traditional borrowing through bank loans.

                                                   An IPO brings greater flexibility in managing the relationships of key stakeholders with a firm.                                                    For owners or shareholders, it provides the opportunity to raise liquidity or exit their stake in a                                                    company. For employees and managers, share options align their interests with the company over                                                    the long-term, helping you to hire, retain and motivate the best people.

                                                   For Finally, an IPO can turbo-charge your company’s growth both organically - through the                                                    enhanced visibility and credibility it brings to your brand - and through the M&A market by enabling                                                    you to make acquisitions through stock as well as cash.

                                                   For more information on the TechShare programme, visit “Euronext”.

                                                   18th October 2018

Solving Sustainable Development Goals Rubik’s Cube

Natixis Green & Sustainable Hub’s Center of Expertise has published its first flagship report, entitled “Solving the Sustainable Development Goals Rubik’s Cube – An impact-based toolkit for issuers and investors”. The report is aimed at multiple audiences, notably issuers and investors.

It is designed as a “Swiss Army knife” to help them to assess their contributions to the UN Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) and to identify, prioritize and improve their SDG footprint in their corporate strategy and portfolio management. A key challenge such parties face is measuring their actual, evidence-based SDG contributions be it at organization / company or project levels. Natixis aims through this report to contribute to the effort to address such methodological challenges. Fed by existing initiatives and tools, and by a dedicated investor survey (42 investors representing 14 trillion dollars of assets under management) our approach is asset class agnostic. It                                                    can be used as template for impact reporting, as a “tips box” to help companies identify, prioritize                                                    and improve their SDG footprint, as an outline for designing SDG bonds or loans framework, or as a                                                    canvas to design fixed-income and equity investment solutions. This report acts as a call to action                                                    and integrity, taking into account that collectively, companies, banks, ESG agencies and                                                    governments are not yet delivering the necessary actions or developing the necessary tools to                                                    achieve the 2030 Agenda.

                                                   20st September 2018

Aguascalientes solar power project in Mexico

Natixis arranged the US$45 million financing for the construction of a 68MWp solar power project in Aguascalientes, Mexico, by Canadian Solar Inc, one of the world’s largest solar power companies. As the region boosts some of the highest levels of solar irradiation in the world, the project is expected to meet electricity demand of approximately 60,000 local homes and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

The construction of the project started in April and is expected to reach commercial operation in December 2018. Canadian Solar and Natixis worked closely to conclude this transaction in less than two months, a very short time frame for a non-recourse project financing. The transaction highlights Natixis' commitment to the climate and the energy transition. Among its recent initiatives, Natixis has introduced its Green Weighting Factor system for its financing deals to comply with Paris                                                    Agreement goals. The Green Weighting Factor is Natixis’ capital allocation mechanism that aims to                                                    promote finance deals with a positive impact on both the climate and the environment, by adjusting                                                    the expected profitability threshold on these various transactions according to their effects on                                                    climate change.

                                                   More information on Aguascalientes solar power project

                                                   More information on Natixis’ Green Weighting Factor

                                                   21st August 2018

Natixis, financial advisor to Ardian for the sale of its 25% stake in Encevo

Natixis acted as sole financial advisor to Ardian for the sale of its 25% stake in the Luxembourgish utility Encevo China Southern Power Grid International (CSGI) has agreed to preemptively acquire a 24.92% stake in Encevo, the Luxembourgish incumbent utility, from Ardian Infrastructure.

Encevo operates in different business fields through its two principal subsidiaries Creos, that manages electricity and gas grids in Luxembourg and in Germany, and Enovos, the leading energy supplier in Luxembourg. The transaction attracted a fierce interest from both infrastructure funds and strategic players, especially from Asia. It further illustrates Natixis’ strong sectorial expertise in infrastructure, with an M&A dedicated team to the sector.

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                                                   3rd August 2018

Successful IPO of 2CRSI

Natixis acted as sole global coordinator and joint bookrunner for the IPO of 2CRSI on Euronext Paris. 2CRSI specializes in designing and manufacturing IT servers, and boasts a presence across 25 countries where it offers clients innovative processing, storage and data transfer solutions.

The initial public offering came to €43.7m and could reach as much as €50.3m, making it the largest IPO on the French market so far this year. The deal attracted both French and European institutional investors, as well as many individual investors, with demand reaching €160m or an oversubscription ratio of 4.2x.

4th July 2018

Natixis at the cutting edge of innovation with first green structured note on the market

Natixis expands its range of green investment solutions for market investors with the design of its first green structured note. The product is an innovative repack of the first green OAT issued in early 2017 by Agence France Trésor, which adapts the coupon to suit investors needs.

Non-financial ratings agency Vigeo Eiris analyzed the product and confirmed its status as a green structured note that does not affect the green OATs contribution to sustainable development. This innovative investment solution fits with aims outlined in Natixis strategic plan: accelerate the development of its solutions business, particularly in capital markets, and become a key player in the green finance market.

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                                                   For further information, consult the infographics.

                                                   12 March 2018

Leader in real estate finance in Europe

Natixis ranks 1st bookrunner for syndicated real estate finance loans in the EMEA region in 2017 (source: Dealogic, EMEA Real Estate Loans Report, Full-year 2017), testifying to the dynamism of its activity and its position as a key player in the real-estate sector.

Natixis closed emblematic transactions on all its core European markets:
- in France, where it ranks n°1 (source: Dealogic), such as the acquisition financing of the Cur Défense office tower for 900 million, the co-underwriting of 350 million of the refinancing of Hyatt hotels, a 1.8 billion syndicated corporate loan for Carmila,
- in Germany, such as the 157 million financing for the acquisition of the Eschborn Plaza office complex in Frankfurt, a financing of 165 million for the acquisition of office properties in Düsseldorf,
- in Italy such as the financing, on behalf of CBRE, of a 140 million loan for the acquisition of a                                                    commercial asset benefitting from an excellent positioning Piazza Duomo in the center of Milan,
                                                   - in Spain, such as the arrangement of a 582 million syndicated corporate loan for Realia                                                    Patrimonio.

                                                   5 March 2018

Natixis wins fresh awards on the structured product market

Natixis has won a raft of awards from magazine SRP*, adding to the Equity derivatives teams previous successes and rewarding the custom-built innovative solutions designed by Natixis for its retail, institutional and private banking clients.

*Structured Retail Products

For further information, consult the infographics.

21 February 2018

Natixis and Caisse dEpargne Rhône Alpes host IPO conference

Natixis and Caisse dEpargne Rhône Alpes held a conference on Developing tech companies  from capital raising to IPO in Lyon on February 2. The event welcomed around sixty participants from across the tech universe, including Euronext, start-ups, private equity, debt funds, consulting and law firms, key local economy players such as Lyon Biopole, Medicalps, Lyon French Tech and SME association CPME Auvergne Rhône Alpes.

The event was a resounding success as a result of the conferences high-quality discussions, and provided a good opportunity for companies to discuss ways to finance their growth and prepare for an IPO. This is the first event of its type and reflects synergies developed within Groupe BPCE, while demonstrating the way Natixis supports business in Frances various regions and the BPCE network.

12 February 2018

Natixis announces the closing of a European CLO, structured and marketed by Corporate & Investment Banking and managed by Natixis Asset Management

Against the backdrop of investors current quest for yield and alternative solutions that offer diversification, Natixis announces the closing of European CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligation) Purple Finance CLO 1 for a total of 308.4 million.

This first CLO 2.0 managed by Natixis Investment Managers affiliate Natixis Asset Management was structured and marketed by Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking arm and complies with CRD IV risk-retention rules. The deal met with strong investor demand.

Link to press release

11 January 2018

Inaugural 90 million catastrophe bond for the benefit of Covéa Group

Natixis, acting as co-arranger and joint bookrunner, has managed the placement of a 90 million catastrophe bond issued by Hexagon Re. This innovative transaction represents the first 144A pure French windstorm (indemnity) in the growing catastrophe bond market and the first bond issuance for Covéa Group.

This landmark transaction illustrates Natixis New Dimension strategic plan, aiming in particular at increasing Natixis footprint with insurance companies by offering innovative and tailor-made solutions,said Emmanuel Issanchou, Global Head of Global Structured Credit & Solutions.

29 December 2017

New asset class attracts strong investor interest

The total amount invested on the Merius investment platform has just reached 1bn. The platform was set up in late 2016 and provides a high value-added innovative investment solution for institutional investors on the Dutch residential mortgage loan market.

The fast-growing size of the platform, set up by Natixis in partnership with Dutch investment solutions provider CMIS Group, reflects strong interest from investors and particularly insurers in this profitable low-risk asset class that is traditionally offered by Dutch banks and insurers.

21 December 2017

Convertible bond issue for GENFIT

Natixis recently led a 180m convertible bond issue for GENFIT, which develops therapeutic solutions in metabolic and inflammatory diseases that notably affect the liver. This issue is the largest for a biopharmaceutical company in Europe and the first issue in France.

Supportive market conditions enabled GENFIT to benefit from competitive terms (3.5% coupon and conversion premium 30%). The initial amount size of the deal was increased from 150m to 180m as a result of the issues success. Proceeds will be used to complete phase III clinical development of Elafibranor, used to treat non-alcoholic steato-hepatitis (NASH). This convertible bond issue is Natixis fourth deal in a month after Artémis, Vallourec and Elis and reflects our strong franchise on this very active market segment.

26 October 2017

Natixis leads Vallourecs OCEANE issue

Vallourec has mandated Natixis to conduct* its 2022 250m OCEANE convertible bond issue**. This is the first bond issue of the world leader in premium tubular solutions Vallourec since 2014. Net proceeds from the issue will be used for the companys general corporate purposes.

The issue was a great success. Following strong investor demand, the initial amount of 170 million has been increased to 250 million. This deal confirms Natixis leading position on the French equity-linked market.

*Global coordinator
**Bond convertible into new or existing shares

                                                   20 October 2017

N°1 of European Real Estate

Natixis ranks No. 1 Bookrunner and N°1 MLA for real estate finance in EMEA for the first half 2017, according to Dealogic.

Natixis successfully completed the syndication and arranged the best European syndicated financings so far in 2017 as bookrunner, arranger and agent, such as:
- Roca: acquisition, by Foncière des Murs, of a Spanish hotel portfolio owned by Merlin Properties, for a total amount of 270 million;
- Data 4: mortgage refinancing of 250 million dedicated to refinance the existing debt;
- Eschborn Plaza: 157 million acquisition financing for an office building in Frankfurt for a consortium of Israeli institutional investors led by family office Aurec;
- Gecina: refinancing of the existing corporate debt for a total amount of 130 million;
- Miro: 184 million acquisition financing related to the purchase of a portfolio composed by 6 office                                                    building mainly located in Rome and Milan.

                                                   19 September 2017

Equity derivatives: innovation times two

For the second year in a row, Natixis has been awarded Most Innovative Investment Bank for Equity Derivatives 2017 by The Banker. This international award reflects the ability of the financial engineering, sales and trading teams who provide new solutions that meet client needs.

The teams continue to develop a range of sponsored indices, such as the COP5E, a new Euronext index exposing investors to a basket of 50 stocks selected for their strategy and performance in relation to the environment. This award also reflects Natixis Equity Derivatives expertise when designing innovative solutions, such as dividend solutions, multi asset solutions (equity/credit) and alternative solutions to the classic money market offer for institutional investors. Finally it is recognition of the newer digital training platforms for sales teams in major retail banking & insurance networks.

                                                   Press release

                                                   13 September 2017

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First half 2017: major CIB rankings and awards

Natixis achieved a number of major awards and rankings during the first half of 2017, reflecting the bank's strong positioning and its teams' expertise across its various business lines. You will find a selection of them below or visit our Rankings and Awards section.

August 31, 2017

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Natixis manages Balyos IPO and liquidity contract

Natixis has been mandated by Balyo, specializing in autonomous material handling robots and the leading pioneer of the Smart Industry wave, to manage its IPO and its liquidity contract.

In June, Natixis successfully managed Balyos IPO on the Paris Euronext market. This is the first IPO for a company benefiting from the Euronext Techshare program, which is aimed at promoting and developing financial market access for small and mid caps and is sponsored by Natixis.

Liquidity contract
The company, which targets 2022 revenues of more than 200m, also mandated Natixis to manage its liquidity contract. The signature of this contract confirms Natixis expertise with French issuers                                                    who wish to ensure share liquidity on the secondary market.

                                                   August 2, 2017

CMBS go green

Natixis issued the first ever Green Bond CMBS*, backed by 85 Broad Street office building in New York. The $72 million green-specific tranche refinances part of a $358,600,000 first mortgage loan provided by Natixis to Ivanhoé Cambridge and Callahan Capital Properties for the acquisition of the property. It was oversubscribed with green investors and contributes to diversify the green investment opportunities.

A leading rating agency in the field of sustainable investment analyzed the alignment of the certificates against the Green Bond Principles (ICMA) and its own analysis framework and confirmed the sustainability quality of the property and, overall, of the original lender. This deal is a fresh illustration of our commitment to green finance and our innovation capabilities.

For further information, read the attached press release.

                                                   * Commercial mortgage-backed security

                                                   July 13, 2017

The world's largest solar park

We are supporting* the construction of the largest photovoltaic park in the world, the Sweihan Solar Park, in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. With a capacity of 1.17 GW, it will produce enough electricity to power about 200,000 households, at the lowest cost in the world: US$ 2.94 cents per kWh.

This project falls in line with the UAE Energy Plan 2050, which aims to increase clean energy use by 50% in the United Arab Emirates. It is developed by the emirates state-owned utility, the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (Adwea), with Japans Marubeni and JinkoSolar of China. Natixis is a key player in the financing of renewable infrastructure in the region, where it has accompanied the first solar project in the Middle East, the Shams concentrated solar power station in 2011 in Abu Dhabi (100 MW), as well as the Dewa III photovoltaic park in 2017 in Dubai (800 MW).

                                                   *Lead Arranger, Technical Bank and Hedge Provider of the US$648 million financing out of a total                                                    project cost of US$871 million

                                                   July 5, 2017

Natixis launches Magenta Juillet 2017

Natixis launches Magenta Juillet 2017, a new 4-year investment solution that offers a buyback level of 90 % of invested capital at any time during the life of the product. Designed for French high net worth clients, this financial investment product provides access to the French equity market via the Euronext CAC® Large 60 EWER index, which covers the 60 largest caps listed on the Paris stock exchange.

This new product launch provides an attractive opportunity to invest in a unit-linked solution that is eligible for life insurance and share accounts. For further information, consult the sales brochure.

June 27, 2017

Natixis at 2017 Capital Transmission conference

The 2017 Capital Transmission conference will take place on June 29 on the theme Transferring and taking over a business in 2017, and attended by banks, investment funds, consulting and audit firms and business leaders.

Imed Ben Romdhane, Global Head of Sponsor Coverage and Fabrice Croppi, Global Head of Acquisition & Strategic Finance at Natixis will take part in this conference to discuss debt financing conditions and the impact of the European Central Banks recommendations on leveraged finance. Natixis is a key player in this type of transaction in Europe, and was sixth bookrunner on LBO finance in EMEA in 2016 in number of deals (source: Dealogic).

June 22, 2017

Natixis voted no.1 broker by French clients

Natixis has been voted no.3 broker in France in the Extel 2017 survey of 20,000 European investors and no.1 broker by French investors. A big thanks to all our clients who voted for our Natixis Equity Research and Cash Equity teams, enabling them to ascend through the ranks of French brokers from 5th to 3rd place.

Our SRI & Sustainability Research team did exceptionally well, ranking no. 2 in Europe, while 7 of our equity analysts and economists were in the top 10 individual rankings in France. Just weeks after Natixis was voted no.1 for our Equity research (Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards), this new award reflects the commitment of our Cash Equity team to our clients, as well as the capacity of our Equity Research team to produce quality, responsive research that responds to their needs.

June 14, 2017

Natixis Equity Research #1 in France

Natixis Equity Research #1 in France and ranked 11 times across 7 sectors: Food & Beverages, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Construction, Energy & Chemicals, Healthcare and Utilities. These rankings in the Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards 2017 highlight the quality and accuracy of Natixis equity analysts estimates and ratings.

They confirm our positioning and illustrate the performance of the entire Equity Research team and our commitment to our clients, to whom we offer expert insight on each of these sectors. This distinction, which adds to the award recently won by Natixis Commodities Research, underscores the excellence of the work of the Global Markets Research teams.

May 22, 2017

New Autocall R Juin 2017 investment solution

Natixis has launched Autocall R Juin 2017, the sixth product in its Autocall R range. This new tailor-made investment solution exclusively designed for high net worth clients, provides access to the French equity markets via the CAC® Large 60 EWER index, which covers the 60 largest caps listed on the Paris stock exchange.

It has a coupon target of 10% per year, with capital protection at maturity in the event of a moderate decline on the equity markets. Autocall R Juin 2017 provides a unit-linked investment opportunity which can be included in life insurance and securities account products. It will be available until June 16, 2017.

For further information, consult the sales brochure.

                                                   May 16, 2017

Another award for commodities research

Natixis has been elected Commodity or Energy Research House of the Year for 2017 for the second year in a row. The Global Markets Research teams expertise was recognized at the 2017 Energy Risk Awards ceremony in Houston on May 10.

This international recognition reflects the London-based commodities research teams ability to assist clients on the physical market and issue recommendations on commodities in general and energy financial markets. The award is made by a panel of judges based on client assessments, and recognizes the quality of the banks research and reports.

May 12, 2017

First-ever commodities Blockchain solution

Natixis has pioneered, with IBM and Trafigura, the first blockchain solution in commodity trade finance for US crude oil transactions.

By having the buyer, seller and their respective banks all on the same ledger, all parties can simultaneously view and share data at each state of a transaction, ensuring reduced cash cycle times, lower costs, improved transparency, enhanced security, etc This initiative is part of a broader effort to modernize trading in an industry predominantly driven by manual and paper processes and will help create an entirely new approach to managing the global commodities trade. It demonstrates Natixis strong franchise in Global Energy & Commodities and its involvement in favor of digital solutions.

                                                   April 24, 2017

Second CIB EMEA Graduate Program!

Natixis is launching its Second CIB EMEA Graduate Program! This 18-month Program, which is being rolled out in the EMEA region, offers graduates the opportunity to have a 360° mobility, between business lines and countries. Candidates could apply from April 5th to May 3rd.

As part of its efforts to further strengthen its international footprint, Natixis CIB is launching its second pan-European Graduate Program alongside its first American & Asian Analyst Programs! During the 18-month EMEA Graduate Program, graduates will gain hands-on experience in different investment banking businesses in 3 different countries. They will build up their knowledge of Natixis CIB strategy and network with international teams of banking experts. Over three six-month placements, they will receive training in all of our CIB activities, firstly in London before moving to one of our platforms in Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan and for the first time, Dubai with a final six-month placement in Paris. CIB is looking for curiosity, team spirit and international ambition. Graduates will liaise with top management, with the support of highly experienced managers; our objective is that they feel valued as a fully integrated member of our teams. As well as benefiting from technical and operational training, they will have the opportunity to obtain first class professional qualifications (CFA).

                                                   How to candidate

                                                   Read the brochure

                                                   April 5, 2017

New asset class for investors

Natixis offers pan-European institutional investors a new range of investment solutions on the Dutch mortgage market, via its unique Merius investment platform. Access to this profitable and low-risk asset class has traditionally been provided by Dutch banks and insurers.

The Merius platform was set up in 2016 by Natixis Fixed Income teams, and particularly Global Structured Credit and Solutions (GSCS), in partnership with Dutch multi-asset class servicer CMIS Group.GSCS constantly strives to design new solutions to meet both clients needs and changing market conditions, and the platform reflects teams expertise on the Dutch mortgage market and their knowledge of regulatory issues. Merius has just extended its offering to solutions based on Dutch government guaranteed (NHG) residential mortgages and now also offers a complete range of flexible and competitive mortgage options on this market.

                                                   Link to press release

                                                   March 23, 2017

Natixis launches Autocall Flash Avril 2017

Natixis has launched Autocall Flash Avril 2017, a new tailor-made investment solution exclusively designed for French high net worth clients. This financial investment product provides access to the French equity markets via the CAC® Large 60 EWER index, which covers the 60 largest caps listed on the Paris stock exchange.

It provides a unit-linked investment opportunity which can be included in life insurance and securities account products. Autocall Flash Avril 2017 enables investors to benefit from early redemption on a daily basis from the end of the first year, along with an additional 7% per year elapsed if the CAC® Large 60 EWER is higher than or equal to its initial level.

For further information, consult the sales brochure.

                                                   March 20, 2017

Natixis Taipei Branch opens in milestone for APAC

Natixis Taipei Branch officially opened on Thursday 2 March. It was announced to the media in a press conference on the afternoon, and was celebrated and promoted to our clients through a gala dinner in the evening.

Natixis CIB has been present in Taiwan since 2008 through a representative office, and has built a thriving business providing investment solutions to institutional investors, and services such as hedging and advisory to corporates. The new branch will allow Natixis to be closer to its clients, and to offer them a more comprehensive range of services backed by Natixis global expertise. It marks a major milestone in the expansion of the CIB APAC platform, and in the internationalization of our operations.

March 6, 2017

European leader in renewables financing

Natixis is the leading arranger of renewable energy assets in Europe and No. 5 worldwide according to the IJ Global 2016 league table, the sectors leading publication. The bank set up 21 financings in France and worldwide, including 17 in Europe, totaling nearly 1.5 billion euros.

Natixis has been particularly successful in offshore wind power, where it stands as a leading player in Europe: Natixis has notably financed the Beatrice, Race Bank wind farms (based in the United Kingdom) and the Merkur wind farm based in Germany. Natixis is also very well positioned in Italy, both in solar PV and wind power, having arranged a large number of transactions (Veronagest, Photosol, Sonnedix, Apulia, Quercus, etc.), and in particular the most important Italian renewables project bond i.e. the Brainwave refinancing. This performance reflects Natixis' strong franchise in infrastructure finance worldwide: the bank ranks as No 9 Global Bookrunner and No 10 Global                                                    Mandated Lead Arranger of project finance loans in the 2016 Thomson Reuters league table.

                                                   February 22, 2017

Success for Green Bonds conference

Natixis held its annual green bonds conference for the third year in a row. The event was organized by the Global Markets Research SRI team and welcomed almost 150 issuer and investor clients. The conference was an opportunity for a presentation of the SRI teams latest research report on this market.

Round table discussions then addressed two key areas for the markets growth and shift in scale  standardization and role of governments  with the intervention of key participants, EIB, Luxembourg stock market, ICMA/Green bond principles, and also Climate Bond Initiative, French Banking Federation, I4CE and French Treasury. These round tables were followed by three workshops, which were more technical in nature and focused on more operational matters: 1/ how can the market be diversified (towards what type of issuers, into more geographical areas, or more types of projects, including social-based projects); 2/ how can market players find their way around                                                    the wide range of services on offer from certifying bodies that monitor, rate and work alongside                                                    issuers and/or issues; 3/ the more detailed area of measuring the amount of CO2 emissions reduced                                                    in various projects, and the questions and methodological challenges this presents.

                                                   January 31, 2017

Further award for equity derivatives

Natixis has been ranked 3rd provider of structured products on the French market in a survey with 3,200 wealth management advisors. This award from French Gestion de Fortune magazine assesses the relevance of the product range, sales teams capabilities and service quality.

Following on from the various awards won in 2016, in particular Most Innovative Investment Bank for Equity Derivatives in 2016 from The Banker, this award again reflects the Equity Derivatives departments financial engineering, sales and trading teams expertise and commitment to clients.

January 26, 2017

Natixis organizes is first insurance conference

CIB organized its first insurance conference in Paris on January 9. The event was attended by 230 participants, who discussed their latest news and issues, as well as the challenges the sector faces in Europe.

The conference kicked off with four round table discussions on the themes Is the O2D model an opportunity for insurers?, Whats new on interest rates?, A new deal for life insurance in Europe and Opportunities provided by regulatory changes. The afternoon session was then devoted to meetings between investors and issuers. The event was a resounding success and helped strengthen the relationship between Natixis, its strategic insurance clients and equity and bond investor clients. Natixis offers a wide range of products and services for insurers to meet their needs on both the asset and liability sides of the balance sheet. The bank is also renowned for its active presence on insurance sector research.

                                                   January 12, 2017

Geneva representative office opening

Natixis, a subsidiary of Groupe BPCE, the 2nd largest banking group in France, opened its Geneva representative office on December 1, focusing on commodities trade finance, finalizing a project carried out by Global Energy & Commodities and the CIBs EMEA platform.

Natixis has been active in commodities for more than 20 years from several worldwide locations (the main ones being Paris, New York, Houston, Singapore and Shanghai), with dedicated teams of specialists.The opening of an office in Switzerland, an important place in commodities trading, will create a local presence for Natixis major clients, like other large banks involved in trade finance, which all have offices in Geneva. This will also ensure the development of Natixis' franchise with a wider customer base and complement the geographical coverage of the existing international framework. Geneva houses a large number of specialists in the sector; the business accounts for                                                    around 10% of the Cantons labor market and 4% of its GDP. The representative office is headed by                                                    Pierre Galtié, a locally recruited commodities trading specialist.

                                                   December 27, 2016

Equity Derivatives singled out for innovation

Natixis has for the first time won industry magazine The Bankers Most Innovative Investment Bank for Equity Derivatives 2016 award. This international acclaim illustrates the ability of the financial engineering, sales and trading teams at Equity Derivatives to generate new solutions to meet clients needs.

This international award acknowledges the capacities of Natixis financial engineering, sales and trading teams in generating new investment solutions to meet clients needs.Notably, Natixis teams have designed a range of in-house indices, as well as distributing in exclusivity a range of indices launched by Euronext, STOXX, FTSE Russell, Standard & Poors and Solactive. Natixis Teams were also singled out for developing solutions that integrate systematic equity portfolio hedging and for the introduction of digital training tools destined for use by sales teams at leading retail banking networks.

                                                   October 13, 2016

Natixis wins award for Equity Finance

Natixis has been voted Most innovative borrower for 2016 (1) by peers and Top worldwide borrower for 2016 (2), as well as top borrower for EMEA, Asia and the Americas, in the International Securities Lending Survey 2016 organised by trade magazine Global Investor/ISF with market players.

This is the fourth year in a row of securities lending awards for Natixis (3), confirming the expertise of Equity Finance teams in Paris, London, Frankfurt, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong, and highlighting their commitment to clients over the past several years.

(1) Group 2
(2) Group 2 as voted for by Group 2
(3) Equity Lending Survey 2013, 2014, 2015 et 2016 - Global Investor/ISF

                                                   The survey identifies Group 1 and Group 2 companies based on volumes traded.

                                                   September 27, 2016

Groupe BPCE coordinates outstanding financing deal for Toulouse Blagnac airport

Groupe BPCE is assisting Toulouse Blagnac airport with its modernization program out to 2020. A 102m syndicated loan over 15 years was granted to finance investments spearheaded by the airports shareholder Casil Europe and approved by the supervisory board, enabling them to take advantage of the very low interest rates currently on offer.

The placement was arranged by Natixis* and exclusively reserved for Caisse dEpargne Midi Pyrénées, Banque Populaire Occitane and AGEAS (AG Insurance), Natixis partner according to an infrastructure co-investment agreement. This financing will allow the airport to redevelop the Hall D, with the creation of a single filter inspection station and a commercial area of 5000 square meters, to build a pier connected to Hall A, with five aircraft positions for the treatment of low-cost and regional airlines, and to modernize the terminal, the aviation infrastructure and the car parks.

                                                   *global coordinator, MLA bookrunner and agent

                                                   credit photo : © Aéroport Toulouse-Blagnac

                                                   September 23, 2016

Commodity Research awarded

Natixiss Lead Energy Analyst, Abhishek Deshpande, was voted Energy Executive of the Year for 2016. This recognition was granted by Petroleum Economist for the exceptional and major contribution to the energy industry at their annual awards in London Banking Hall. It confirms the expertise of Natixis Global Markets Research teams, our leadership on energy markets and our commitment to the clients.

September 20, 2016

Natixis launches structured debt security Autocall R Novembre 2016

Natixis has launched Autocall R Novembre 2016, a new tailor-made investment solution exclusively designed for French high net worth clients by the Equity Derivatives Wealth Management department. This financial investment product provides access to the French equity market via the CAC® Large 60 EWER index, which covers the 60 largest caps listed on the Paris stock exchange.

With a target coupon of 10% per year and principal protection at maturity in the event of a moderate decline on the equity markets, Autocall R Novembre 2016 provides a unit-linked investment opportunity which can be included in life insurance and securities account products. For further information, consult the sales brochure and issue prospectus.

September 16, 2016

Natixis wins South Korea structured products award

Natixis was awarded South Korea House of the Year 2016 at the Structured Products Asia Awards, held in Hong Kong on 30th August. South Korea is one of the largest derivatives markets in Asia, and this award reflects the strong progress that Natixis has made in growing its Global Markets franchise in this country and throughout the region.

September 14, 2016

Welcome to 'Horizon Magazine'

Natixis Equity Derivatives releases the first issue of Horizon Magazine, a quarterly publication dedicated to keeping you up to date with key happenings at and beyond the Natixis headquarters.

September 8, 2016

Research on Twitter

Follow all the news from Natixis Global Markets Research team  research notes, charts, awards, conferences and more on @NatixisResearch.

Natixis 80 analysts, economists and strategists located in the worlds leading financial market places offer clients  asset managers, insurance companies, pension and hedge funds, private banks, public institutions and others  award-winning integrated expertise and propose investment opportunities in the equity, credit, rates & forex, economics, SRI and commodities markets.

September 6, 2016

Discover the new Natixis Partners website!

Natixis Partners, formerly Leonardo & Co France, is the Natixis entity dedicated to mid-market and private equity transactions.

Visit the website

July 12, 2016

Bond issue for Oman

The Sultanate of Oman made a successful return to the international capital markets with its first bond issue since 1997. The dual tranche transaction allows the sovereign to raise a total size of $ 2.5bn. The 5-year tranche has a $1bn size matures in 5 years and pays a 3.625% coupon, while 10-year has $1.5bn size and pays 4.750%.

The transaction gathered massive interests from international investors after a global roadshow. The orderbook was highly oversubscribed and reached $6bn from 524 investors. On the 10-year tranche European investors took 40% of allocated demand, followed by US investors with 27% and Middle East investors with 26%. The transaction highlights Natixis' franchise with sovereign issuers in general, and for the US dollar segment of the market in particular. It confirms the success of international issues lead-managed for Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Morocco, Slovakia and Latvia.

                                                   July 1, 2016

Long-standing franchise on Spanish cedulas

Natixis has a long-standing presence on the Spanish primary covered bond market, cédulas hipotecarias. Over the past four years, the bank has systematically been ranked among the leading bookrunners(1) on this market, in terms of amounts issued and numbers of deals. This year again, Natixis managed four public deals and one private placement from Spain, making it leader on this segment(2) at end-May.

The bank is particularly active in this area and often takes part in maiden issues for first-time issuers. It also manages issues on the Portuguese primary covered bond market (obligaçoes hipotecarias). Our strong worldwide positioning on covered bonds is the result of a long-standing strategy to align interests across the bond origination, syndication, sales and market-making chain.

(1) Dealogic 1st in 2015, 3rd in 2014, 4th in 2013, 2nd in 2012                                                    (2) Dealogic at 27/05/2016

                                                   June 15, 2016

Turning commodities into real-estate

Natixis has arranged its first Sharia-compliant mortgage financing, providing a group of Middle East investors with a 90 million facility that will partly finance the acquisition of an office property located in Frankfurt. The bank was Arranger, Sole Underwritter, Advisor.

The facility is structured through a commodity Murabaha, which enables the investors to finance an asset through the purchase and on-sale of commodities. It is eligible for Pfandbrief refinancing and is already more than 60% syndicated.

Read the press release

June 9, 2016

Research: 8th Natixis Client Survey

Global Markets Research has just published the results of its 8th Natixis Client Survey conducted in May. This survey is carried out twice a year and is aimed at finding out how our clients expect the main market parameters to evolve.

Based on the surveys findings, a cross-expertise report examines these projections alongside the various analyses made by Patrick Artus, chief economist, and the economists, analysts and strategists working in the Global Markets Research departments credit, equity, interest-rate and cross-asset teams. The first question clients were asked was what their biggest concerns were for the near future, and Brexit very clearly came out top.

You can find the cross-expertise report

                                                   June 7, 2016

60 awards!

The specialized press (1) granted 60 awards to Natixis and structured finance deals it set up in 2015, following a very stringent selection process. With awards as Best energy finance bank (2), Bronze award for the Best Trade Bank in Metals and Mining (3), along with 28 transactional awards, the energy and commodities sector was especially highlighted by the juries, in particular for the Oyu Tolgoi (gold and copper mine in Mongolia), Mountain Province (diamond mine in Canada) or Cocoa Touton (cocoa in Ghana) milestone deals.

Infrastructure and transport finance also performed well, winning the Gold Trophy for the best CIB (4) and notching up 26 awards for transactions such as Galloper (offshore wind project in the UK), Seabras (subsea cables in Brazil), the Milan metro Line 5 and Emirates. Acquisition finance deals carried out for Pirelli, Linxens and PetSmart were also high on the very small list of key deals highlighted in this sector.

(1) Airfinance Journal, emeafinance, GlobalCapital, Global Transport Finance, Global Trade Review, IFR, IJ Global, Project Finance International, The Banker, Trade & Export Finance, Trade & Forfaiting                                                    Review, Trade Finance, Trophées Leaders de la Finance (2) Best energy finance bank, Trade &                                                    Export Finance (3) Bronze award for the Best Trade Bank in Metals and Mining, Trade & Forfaiting                                                    Review (4) Trophée d'or - Meilleure Banque de Financement et dInvestissement dans le secteur                                                    infrastructures, énergie et transport, Trophées Leaders de la Finance

                                                   May 31, 2016

Global Markets Research receives recognition for excellence

Global Markets Research has again received recognition for the expertise of its teams and their commitment to their clients. Natixis has for the first time been named Commodities Research House of the Year in the Energy Risk Awards* rankings.

The Credit Research team, meanwhile, is among the TOP 5 for the 5th year running in most categories, according to the Euromoney** rankings and was named Best Credit Research in the covered bonds, supranational & agencies and utilities categories. The Equity Research team ranks 2nd in France with 9 awards in the Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards*** rankings.

* Commodities Research House of the Year in the Energy Risk Awards 2016 ** Euromoney Fixed Income Research Survey 2016 *** Thomson Reuters Analyst Awards 2016  Food & Beverages, Insurance, Retail & Consumer Products, Construction, Energy & Chemicals, Utilities.

                                                   May 26, 2016

Central banks and sovereign wealth funds seminar in Paris

Natixis organized the sixth edition of the seminar on central banks, supranational institutions & agencies, and sovereign wealth funds from May 10 to 13. This yearly event hosted more than 70 clients from 45 public institutions from different countries across Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

The seminar enabled participants to discuss the economys new fundamentals (monetary policy, geopolitical risks, climate change, etc.) and the impact of new regulatory constraints on market liquidity, in the presence of experts from Natixis.

May 19, 2016

Co-investment agreements with Asian institutional investors

Natixis has just signed, in close succession, two co-investment agreements in the aviation and infrastructure sectors, with KB Insurance Co., Ltd. and two entities of the Samsung Group, Samsung Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and Samsung Asset Management Co., Ltd.

These two agreements follow on from four others already signed for infrastructure previously with European insurers: Ageas in 2012, CNP Assurances in 2013, Macif Groupe in 2014 and Swiss Life in 2015. They stand out from the previous four as they mark the opening of the aviation asset class and reflect the expansion of the infrastructure debt financing model set up by Natixis.

May 10, 2016

New web platform for NXS indices

Natixis has launched a new platform to provide clients with all the information they require on its range of indices:
The platform currently consists of around fifty indices divided into ten main groups: Risk Premia, Smart Beta, Market Convictions, Alternative Assets, Dividends, Dynamic Allocation, SRI, Statistic Arbitrage, Volatility, Thematic.

A detailed page per index outlines the main characteristics, objective, investment strategy and rationale, as well as its risk/return since the individual index was launched. Users will also have access to a sophisticated search engine to look for specific funds. Each week the Equity Derivatives teams will add new information to the platform, enhancing the index product range.

April 14, 2016

Natixis signs a new chair of research on infrastructure debt with EDHECinfra

Natixis has renewed its partnership with EDHEC-Risk Institute by signing a new chair of research on infrastructure debt. The new partnership has been signed with EDHECinfra, a unit of EDHEC-Risk Institute dedicated to infrastructure. Research will still be conducted by Dr Frédéric Blanc-Brude.

Natixis signed a three-year partnership with EDHEC-Risk Institute to create its first research chair in infrastructure debt in October 2012, with the intuition that infrastructure debt could be of interest for institutional investors. Natixis is actively supporting this trend by developing financing solutions to allow institutional investors to play a more active role in the financing of infrastructure investments. Three years later, the topic is indeed on the agenda of many CIOs of insurers, pension funds and other financial institutions. It is now very established as illustrated by the creation of a dedicated treatment for infrastructure debt investments in Solvency II, the new capital regulation on European insurers for which the research works of Frédéric Blanc-Brude and his team were recognized by the regulator (EIOPA) as a major contribution for this new asset class regulatory recognition.

                                                    April 6, 2016

High-profile  Trade Finance awards 

Trade Finance magazine has attributed nine high-profile awards to landmark transactions involving Natixis across energy, commodities and infrastructure finance. They come on top of nine awards granted by two other specialized publications, Trade & Forfaiting Review (TFR) and Global Trade Review (GTR).

Celebrating the most impressive transactions in the global markets, the highly-competitive awards of these magazines acknowledge the deals, institutions and ideas deemed best in the industry. They recognize the banks specialist expertise, commitment to innovation and continued focus on client-centricity  cementing Natixis position as a market leader in this asset class.

23 March 2016

Natixis attends the MIPIM

Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking attends the MIPIM, the leading international real-estate fair, from March 15 to 18 in Cannes, along with several Groupe BPCE companies operating in this sector. Natixis will meet its clients, on Natixis stand or apart from the fair, and will present them its expertise and product range.

Every year, the MIPIM attracts around 20,000 key real-estate decision-makers from across the globe. It is a major event in this sector to discuss market trends and upcoming commercial developments.

14 March 2016

SwissLife AM launches an equity fund with Natixis

Asset manager SwissLife AM has called on Natixis equity derivatives financial engineering expertise to launch its SLF fund (LUX) Equity Global NXS Protect. Against a backdrop of low interest rates and renewed volatility on the equity markets, this fund for institutional investors aims to offer return while also meeting regulatory requirements for insurance companies (Solvency II).

The fund invests in international corporate equities, and is characterised by its systematic dynamic risk hedging strategy, aimed at limiting the impact of a market decline on the portfolio. This risk hedging strategy is built on Natixis risk management financial engineering expertise, as teams set up two algorithmic indices reflecting the systematic and optimised execution of options on the financial markets.

                                                   29 February 2016

Cheap oil: Season 2

Natixis Global Markets Research Department is publishing for the 2nd year in a row a cross-expertise analysis on oil. Entitled Cheap oil: Season 2, this analysis brings together the viewpoints of our economic research, equity markets and credit staff on the positive and negative repercussions of the decline in the price of oil.

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22 February 2016

International Petroleum Week

Natixis attends the International Petroleum (IP) Week in London from February 9th to 11th. IP Week is widely recognised as one of the major annual international oil and gas events, where decision makers gather to debate, learn and help shape the future direction of the industry.

IP Week attracts around 500 key sector players from over 50 countries every year. The main theme of the 2016 edition is 'Navigating through uncertainty'.

10 February 2016

Natixis is to adhere to the AMAFI's Code of best practices for Euro PP arrangers

This Code lists the various tasks, services and diligence carried out by the arranger at each stage of a Euro PP transaction. This market standard guarantees quality and helps ensure a secure environment for borrowers and investors.

Around twelve establishments, who are members of AMAFI (French financial markets association), have pledged to apply this code.

January 29, 2016

Mergers & Acquisitions on the podium

Natixis has been ranked no. 3 in M&A advisory services by the number of transactions completed on the French market in 2015*. The bank acted in 44 out of the 171 completed deals involving a French counterparty.

This ranking is the result of M&A development strategy conducted by Natixis in France, which was implemented in early 2015 through the acquisition of the French activities of Leonardo & Co, renamed Natixis Partners and specialized in midcap clients and investment funds. Outside France, Natixis has M&A expertise in Milan and continues to develop in Spain with its acquisition plan, announced at the end of 2015, of 360 Corporate Finance, S.A., which will be renamed Natixis Partners Espana.

* Source : Thomson Reuters  Mergers & Acquisitions Review
                                                   25 January 2016

SRI analysts research recognised

Orith Azoulay, head of SRI research at Global Markets Research, and Thomas Girard, senior SRI analyst in the same team, were ranked respectively 1st and 6th among SRI sell-side analysts for their understanding of the environment, social, governance (ESG) challenges facing companies.

They received this recognition in the context of Europes 2015 Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) survey conducted by Extel, WeConvene and SRI-Connect and which identifies SRI research excellence.

15 January 2016

First IPO training session for midcap technology companies

Natixis organised the 4th of January a training session on the procedure for Initial Public Offerings for 14 innovative tech companies. This event took place as part of the TechShare programme organised by EnterNext, the Euronext subsidiary that specialises in the promotion and development of financial market access for small and mid caps.

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07 January 2016

Cross-expertise research: 2016 outlook

Natixis Global Markets Research has just published a cross-expertise report called Outlook 2016, neither entirely the same, nor entirely different  on the outlook in 2016 for equity, credit, fixed income, forex and commodity markets as part of its macro-economic scenario.

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23 December 2015

Natixis launches the NXS Climate Optimum Prospective index

Natixis is launching its first dedicated climate index offering investors who wish to make a tangible commitment to energy transition the chance to invest in a basket of European companies actively engaged in reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and developing low-carbon solutions.

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14 December 2015

First BPCEs green bond

Successful launch of BPCEs first "green bond" issue, illustrating the commitment of Groupe BPCE in favor of the energy transition.

BPCE today launched its first green bond issue for a total of 300 million euros with a 7-year maturity. In line with the Green Bond Principles, the issue will be used to finance ecofriendly projects elected by Natixis Energéco, a Natixis subsidiary specializing in the funding of renewable energy initiatives.

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4 December 2015

Secure your electronic transaction service!

Natixis launches myContrôles, its secure electronic transaction service.

myContrôles is a service designed to secure payments and international money transfers, created by Natixis to assist corporate clients to guard against social engineering fraud such as CEO scams and fraud involving false supplier details.

Video myContrôles
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30 November 2015

First standard for sustainable and resilient infrastructure

Natixis and the Swiss foundation Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) have partnered to develop SuRe® - the Standard for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure. Certification under this standard will be awarded by an independent conformity assessment body and will be used to label sustainable and resilient infrastructures projects.

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20 November 2015

Take advantage of the research expertise in real time

Economic analysis, credit, equity : find all publications by CIB experts on the website and on the mobile app.

Website of the cross expertise Research
Video Research by Natixis
Brochure Global Markets Research

13 November 2015

A new home page for your website

Shortly you will be able to discover the new home page of the Corporate & Investment Banking website which has been designed to optimize access to Natixis expertise, products and services. A responsive version (to adapt the website to tablets and smartphones) and the interior pages design are currently in progress and will be launched during 2016.

First Natixis Mid Caps conference

Natixis is holding its first Mid Caps Conference on Tuesday 24 November.

Natixis wants to use this event to create a forum of exchange between investors and mid cap managements and also to generate debate on subjects in the news with input from experts such as Patrick Artus, Chief Economist & member of Natixis Executive Committee.

Several round tables bringing together experts on key midcap themes have been arranged for the event: Mid caps, key for growth, Does a stock market listing really make a difference?, What do investors expect from a euro PP, Financing a strategic acquisition, Including a private equity fund in the investor pool.

Natixis delivers a range of solutions for mid cap clients, particularly in the financing, equity primary market and private banking fields. Within our Equity Research department, a dedicated mid cap team is geared to leveraging this historic area of expertise within Natixis and promoting mid caps to both specialist and non-specialist asset managers.

Natixis opens banking branch in Beijing

Natixis today announced it has officially opened its new banking branch in Beijing, marking a significant stage in the development of Natixis activities in China and confirming its commitment to supporting Chinese clients of its Corporate & Investment Banking business.

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New Covered Bond award

For the fourth time in five years*, Natixis has been rewarded by the Covered Bond market, being voted Best Euro Lead Manager for 2015, during a poll organized by The Cover, Global Capital publication, with the participation of 516 issuers and investors.

This distinction rewards our leadership and reflects our international position on this segment: ranked N°1 on Covered Bonds**, Natixis managed 45% of 2015 issues (54 out of 118 for a total market close to 100bn) and is present on all active jurisdictions, from Canada to New Zealand.

This is the second time this year that Natixis has received such recognition, as the bank has already been elected Lead Manager Euro by the journalists of The Covered Bond Report, another specialized publication. Natixis leadership has been acknowledged by the whole market, clients and journalists.

* The Cover/GlobalCapital (ex-EuroWeek), Covered Bond Awards 2015-2013-2012-2011 - ** Dealogic as at14/09/15

29 September 2015

Natixis Credit Research awarded by Euromoney

The annual survey conducted by Euromoney among 1,924 global managers and investors awarded Natixis Credit Research for the 4th consecutive year*. The team is number 1 across 6 categories: ABS, Agencies, Consumer & Retail, Covered bonds, Industrials and Utilities, which highlights the quality and relevance of its research.

Natixis is also in the top 6 in all other categories it covers: Banks, Insurance, High Yield, Strategy, TMT and Trade ideas.

These awards recognize the banks expertise as well as the support and the commitment of the credit research team to their customers.

*Source: Euromoney  Fixed Income Research Survey 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015

11 June 2015

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Natixis awarded Euro Lead Manager in The Covered Bond Report Awards for Excellence 2015

Natixis has been awarded the title of Lead Manager for euro-denominated covered bonds by The Covered Bond Report. Natixis 2015 title, awarded by the magazines panel of judges following a nomination process, comes as recognition of the Banks specialist expertise, commitment to innovation and focus on client-centricity.

This award cements Natixis continued position as a European market leader in this asset class.

The Covered Bond Report is an online and bi-monthly magazine devoted to the covered bond market. The publications highly-competitive Awards for Excellence recognise deals, institutions and ideas that are deemed best in class and which have contributed to the development of covered bonds over a 12-month period.

27 May 2015

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Natixis successfully placed 285 million catastrophe bonds for the benefit of AXA Global Life

Natixis successfully managed, as co-arranger and joint bookrunner, the placement of 285 million extreme mortality catastrophe bonds issued by Benu Capital Limited, an Irish private limited company.

Based on an innovative indemnification mechanism, the transaction provides AXA Global Life with protection against the risk of extreme mortality events occurring in France, the United States and Japan for a five year period of coverage starting on January 1st, 2015. A total of 285 million of risk has been transferred to the capital markets through the issuance of two classes of notes: the class A, rated BB+ (sf) by Standard & Poors, for a 135 million amount, and the class B, rated BB (sf) by Standard & Poors, for a 150 million amount.

28 April 2015

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First Equity Bridge Financing, in France, to be compliant with the AIFMDs everage constraints

Natixis, the French leader on the Equity Bridge Financing market, set up an Equity Bridge Financing transaction in an amount of 350 million for funds managed by Antin Infrastructure Partners.

This is the first transaction that is compliant, in terms of leverage constraints, with the directive applicable since July 22, 2014 to alternative investment funds (Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive- AIFMD).

9 April 2015

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Structured Retail Products: Natixis awarded for insurance

Natixis Equity Derivatives team received the Best Insurance Solution award for EMEA at the 2015 European Structured Product Awards ceremony, which took place at the 12th Annual European Structured Products Conference in London.

This award recognises Natixis Financial Engineering, Sales and Trading teams for their achievements during 2014 in terms of understanding clients needs, innovation, price competitiveness and after sales service.

2 March 2015

A single website for Global Markets Research

The new Global Markets Research website has just been launched for the banks client base. From now on, clients will have the advantage of a single portal to access the full array of our research publications.

The launch is part of the recent move to house the equity, credit and economic research teams in a single entity under the same roof. One of the teams main strengths is the ability to offer clients a multi-disciplinary cross-expertise approach to research.

Unique, rapid and energy-efficient, this portal gives non-stop access to the latest publications written by the team, as well as to the "Research Ideas", column that highlights a selection of headline topics. You can also find a comprehensive range of publications by expertise and asset class, namely credit, equities, economic, rates & forex, commodities, investment strategies and Cross-expertise. The website, which boasts an unequivocal client-driven approach, furnishes clients with a powerful research tool that is operated by key words on all publications.

In addition to the website, clients can also access the unified range of research publications on iPad, iPhone and Android.

10 October 2014

Natixis takes out Equity Finance awards

Natixis was rated Best Global Borrower group 2 for equity finance in a survey of sector peers in the same lending category. The Bank was also ranked No.3 Global Lender on the equity market group 2 by group 1 borrower.

Both awards (1) were notched up as part of the Equity Lending, Fixed Income Lending & Technology Survey 2014 organised by specialist magazine Global Investor/ISF which polled market players. The rankings underscore our activitys operating efficiency and trading capabilities.

The Equity Finance teams have clocked up awards for the second consecutive year (2). This achievement testifies to their expertise and leadership in this market and to their client-driven commitment over the past several years.

1 - Source: Global Investor/ISF Autumn 2014  Equity Lending Survey 2014 Group 2 borrowers rated by group 2 lenders and No.3 Group 2 lender rated by group 1 borrowers

2 - Source: Global Investor/ISF Sept. 2013 - Equity Lending & Synthetic Finance Award No.1 Group 2 overall borrower and One to Watch, group 2 borrower on equity market in EMEA zone

2 October 2014

Project financing Measat-3b

Natixis acted as Joint Financial Adviser, Coface Agent and Mandated Lead Arranger for the USD225 million project financing of the Measat-3b satellite.

11 September 2014

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Natixis manages the first European project bond for digital infrastructure

Natixis lead managed on behalf of Axione Infrastructures the first European project bond for digital infrastructure in France.

With this operation, Natixis supports Frances superfast broadband plan (France Très Haut Débit) launched in the spring of 2013 by the French government and, therefore, the economic development of the regions.

The success of the bond issue shows investor attraction for this new asset class. It also confirms Natixis leadership in advising and structuring infrastructure finance and its ability to set up innovative operations.

A first in infrastructure finance

This is the very first issue in France of project bonds, an innovative form of finance launched by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. It is also the first time that a project bond has been issued in Europe for digital infrastructure.

Frances superfast broadband plan (France Très Haut Débit) aims to speed up, by 2022, the mobilization of private capital for European infrastructure projects, in particular the roll-out of fiber optics in sparsely populated areas (public initiative areas).

The operation will provide Axione Infrastructures with 189.1 million in bond finance, enabling it to continue with and extend the roll-out of fast and superfast digital infrastructure throughout France.

Natixis, a key role in this digital infrastructure project bond

Acting as financial advisor, rating advisor and market access advisor for Axione, Natixis structured the operation and managed the rating process with Moodys.

As sole bookrunner, lead manager, agent and account bank, Natixis arranged and successfully placed, with institutional investors, these project bonds, which aim at refunding Axione Infrastructures existing senior debt.

The success of the operation further confirms Natixis leadership in infrastructure finance advisory and structure and the placement and issue of project bonds. It also shows its ability to set up innovative operations.

It also opens up new opportunities in the infrastructure finance market. Its success should help to carry out more projects of the same type in the months and years to come.

Axione Infrastructures, a key player in digital development

In 2008, Axione Infrastructures established a digital infrastructure sharing industrial platform that is being used by all telecommunications operators to optimize their investments, thus providing the best possible services for businesses and individuals in the less densely populated regions.

55% of Axione Infrastructures is held by Caisse dEpargnes FIDEPPP fund - Fonds dInvestissement et de Développement des Partenariats Public-Privé, managed by Mirova, 30% by Caisse des Dépôts and 15% by Axione, a subsidiary of Bouygues Energies & Services.

23 July 2014

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No.1 for Credit Research across seven sectors

For the third year in a row, the Euromoney annual Fixed Income Research* which polled 1,900 global fund managers and investors ranked the Natixis Credit Research teams among the best European banks in 2014 for the quality and relevance of its analyses.

Natixis is No.1 across seven sectors: ABS, Agencies, Automotive, Consumer & Retail, Covered bonds, Telecommunications & media, Utilities. Natixis is also ranked No. 2 on Industrials and No. 4 on Bank, and is in the Top 8 for the other sectors that the Credit Research team covers.

These Euromoney prizes reward Natixis fundamental research and its commitment to assisting clients.

*Source : Euromoney - Fixed Income Research Survey 2014

11 June 2014

Gemini offshore wind project in the Netherlands

Natixis acts as Mandated Lead Arranger, Bookrunner, Hedging Bank and Market Due Diligence Bank for the EUR 2.8 billion 600MW Gemini offshore wind project in the Netherlands.

Natixis will provide long-term project financing for the design, construction, and operation of the Gemini offshore wind project in the Netherlands, the largest ever project financed transaction to close in the offshore wind sector.

21 May 2014

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Annual survey of individual investors

Natixis Global Asset Management has published the results of its annual survey of individual investors at a global level having a minimum net worth of 143 000 of invested assets.

Conducted on nearly 6000 global high-net worth investors including 500 across France surveyed online in March 2014, the study covers 14 countries from Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.

Confidence has improved but investors are still conflicted between asset growth and capital protection.

13 May 2014

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Financing for the N17-N18 PPP motorway project in Ireland

Natixis is to provide long-term project financing for the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the N17-N18 motorway project in Ireland  under a PPP contract with the Irish National Roads Authority, won by the Direct Route consortium comprising Marguerite Fund, InfraRed, Sisk, Lagan, Roadbridge and Strabag.

May 2014

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Natixis rewarded for the third consecutive year in the covered bond market

Natixis has been voted Best euro lead manager for covered bonds in 2013* by the issuers in a survey organized by The Cover, a EuroWeek publication specializing in the covered bond market.

This prize rewards Natixis expertise and its commitment to its clients on this segment for almost 15 years.

*Survey carried out with covered bond issuers during July and August 2013, based on a pre-selection of 5 banks made by The Cover

16 September 2013

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Financing for the acquisition and construction of Northern Solar

Natixis acted to finance the acquisition and construction of a 42 MWdc portfolio of four photovoltaic solar projects, known as Northern Solar, in Ontario, as Left Side Bookrunner, Mandated Lead Arranger, Administrative Agent, and Interest Rate Swap Provider.

The borrower, a wholly owned subsidiary of FieraAxium Infrastructure, will use the proceeds to acquire, fund the construction of, and operate the four projects, which are anticipated to achieve commercial operation during Q2 2014. The solar facilities will sell all production under power purchase agreements granted through Ontarios Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program, under which the Ontario Power Authority will contract for 20 years of output.

5 September 2013

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Natixis rewarded on commodities financing

Natixis received the bronze award as the Best Trade Bank in Metals and Mining , awarded by the specialized magazine Trade & Forfaiting Review* for the second consecutive year.

Such industry-acknowledgment illustrates the banks commitment towards commodities financing and reflects its long standing presence in the metals sector. It reflects the reputation of Natixis, which ranks among the top 10 financial institutions in providing a global package of commodity services metals, energy, agricultural commodities), as well as its capacity to deliver comprehensive and tailored financing solutions to its clients.

* Source: TFR Excellence Awards, June 2013

27 June 2013

Natixis credit research rewarded by Euromoney

Euromoneys annual Fixed Income Research Survey for 2013 which polled 2,100 global fund managers and investors ranked the Natixis Credit Research teams no. 1 in three categories: Covered Bonds and Pfandbriefe; ABS; Supranationals and Agencies.

Natixis is positioned amongst the best credit research teams for the quality and relevance of their analyses in 2013 and ranks among the top 8 across all the sectors covered by the team. The Bank was voted:

  • No. 1 for Covered Bonds and Pfandbriefe, ABS and Supranationals & Agencies
  • No. 2 for Telecoms & Media and Consumer & Retail
  • No. 3 for Automotive
  • No. 4 for Utilities and Industrials
  • No. 7 for Banks, Insurance and High Yield
  • No. 8 for Strategy.

These awards are the result of our high-quality fundamental research and our commitment to our clients. Leveraging its range of daily publications, the Credit Research team delivers clients respected, across-the-board and independent analysis of over 150 issuers in the eurozone bond market.

17 June 2013

CNP Assurances and Natixis to co-invest in Infrastructure Debt

CNP Assurances and Natixis have signed a memorandum of understanding in order to co-invest through a partnership in infrastructure debt.

CNP Assurances believes that infrastructure debt offers interesting alternative investment opportunities with the benefit of greater asset portfolio diversification and an attractive risk-return profile. Furthermore, as a leading French institutional investor, CNP Assurances wants to take its part in infrastructure financing in order to stimulate sustainable, resource efficient and job-creating growth, in the spirit of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

Natixis is a leading French financial institution with a well-established and proven track record in infrastructure financing. Natixis has developed an operational platform to facilitate the access of institutional investors to the infrastructure debt instruments.

CNP Assurances targets an amount of this loan infrastructure debt portfolio of up to EUR 2 billion over a 3-year period.

10 June 2013

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Natixis, rewarded by clients on the primary bond markets

The magazine "Option Finance" held a survey with 3,967 chief financial officers from companies with sales ranging from 100 million to more than 5 billion*, to measure their level of satisfaction with their banks and identify the best rated banks.

Ranked No. 1 on the bond market, Natixis came in third position overall out of 12 banks and second in six categories out of ten:

  • loan allocation
  • international finance and support
  • equities market
  • hedging products (interest rate and forex)
  • proximity
  • service quality/price ratio

* The survey was held April 4-24, 2013 via an online questionnaire

16 May 2013

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15 April 2013

Natixis rewarded "Best Secondary Loans House"

Natixis has been voted "Best Secondary Loans House" at the Euroweek Syndicated Loans & Leveraged Finance Awards 2012 based on a poll of investors, borrowers and banks working in the market.

Natixis is the only bank outside the UK and US to obtain this award since its creation 10 years ago. Natixis was rewarded, out of a list of seven international banks, for its trading capacity and its capabilites in terms of credit distribution to investors, with a sales team covering more than 400 clients in France, EMEA, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

This awards confirms Natixis market position and rewards the high-quality flasgship deals carried out in 2012.

22 February 2013

Natixis enters Primary Government Securities Dealer Groups in Austria, Belgium and Slovakia

Natixis has been invited by the Kingdom of Belgium, the Republic of Austria and the Republic of Slovakia to enter into their respective Primary Government Securities Dealer Groups.

These openings in three new euro debt government markets round off the markets in which Natixis has been positioned for several years, i.e., France, Germany and the Netherlands. Natixis thus provides its institutional investor base - among others, central banks and public institutions - with its euro sovereign debt market expertise in order to meet their investment debt. At the same time, Natixis strengthens its proximity to the world of sovereign with the intention of offering them its experience in the euro primary market, as well as in hedging and cash products.

11 February 2013

Natixis, rewarded again on the covered bonds market

Natixis has been voted 2012 Best covered bond dealer for the second time in a row, by the investors and issuers in the 2013 Capital Market Daily awards in December 2012.

Natixis regularly wins awards on the covered bond market and boasts leadership positions in the league tables:

  • 2012 Best euro lead manager for covered bonds organized by The Cover, a EuroWeek publication specializing in the covered bond market.
  • 2012 Best credit research for covered bonds and Pfandbriefe (source: Euromoney - Fixed Income Research Survey 2012).
  • No. 1 bookrunner in the primary euro covered bond market as at September 30, 2012 (source: Dealogic and IFR-Thomson Reuters).
  • 2011 Best bank for covered bonds (source: The Cover / Euroweek, Best Overall Bank for Covered Bonds-Covered Bond Awards 2011).
  • No. 1 bookrunner in the euro covered bond market in terms of number of transactions in 2011 (sources: Dealogic and IFR-Thomson Reuters).
  • 20 December 2012

Natixis rewarded for the second consecutive year in the covered bond market

Natixis has been voted Best euro lead manager for covered bonds in 2012* by 200 issuers in a survey organized by The Cover, a EuroWeek publication specializing in the covered bond market.

The bank was also ranked No. 2 in the Best liquidity provider category **. These prizes reward Natixis expertise and its commitment to its clients for over 13 years. They also confirm its leadership in this segment in 2012.

A leading position

Natixis regularly wins awards on the covered bond market and boasts leadership positions in the league tables:

  • 2012 best credit research for covered bonds and Pfandbriefe (source: Euromoney - Fixed Income Research Survey 2012)
  • No. 1 bookrunner in the primary euro covered bond market for the first half of 2012 (source: Dealogic and IFR-Thomson Reuters)
  • 2011 best bank for covered bonds (source: The Cover / Euroweek, Best Overall Bank for Covered Bonds-Covered Bond Awards 2011)
  • No. 1 bookrunner in the euro covered bond market in terms of number of transactions in 2011 (sources: Dealogic and IFR/Thomson Reuters)

A key partner

Natixis led 41 covered bond issues in the first half of 2012. The bank is active in all key jurisdictions (Australia, Austria, Benelux, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the Nordic countries) and has indepth knowledge of both investor and issuer requirements, in addition to extensive expertise on the primary and secondary markets. The bank also boasts renowned and highly specialized research teams, primarily on covered bonds, alongside a worldwide distribution set-up and a dedicated structuring team. Covered bonds are a strategic financing tool for banks, guaranteeing security and transparency, and enabling banks to raise more than 100 billion worldwide in 2012.

*survey carried out with covered bond issuers at the end of July and during August 2012, based on a preselection of 5 banks made by The Cover

** survey carried out with covered bond issuers and investors at the end of July and during August 2012, based on a pre-selection of 5 banks made by The Cover

Successful $60m and 130m catastrophe bonds

Natixis successfully placed, as bookrunner, $60m and 130m catastrophe bonds (catbonds) issued by Atlas Reinsurance VII Limited, an Irish special purpose reinsurance company.

This transaction provides SCOR Global P&C SE with $60m protection against hurricanes and earthquakes in the United States and with 130m protection against windstorms in Europe from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015..

Thanks to this new transaction, Natixis reinforces its leadership on the Euro catastrophe bond market where the bank has ranked No. 1 lead manager in 2011 (Source: ranking based on 2011 trading risk data for closed insurance-linked securities transactions).

27 November 2012

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Natixis, Bank of the Year in Aircraft Finance

Natixis was voted Aircraft Finance House of the Year by Global Transport Finance. This is the first time that Natixis obtains the most prestigious award for banks, financial institutions and lawyers in this field.

This prize rewards the bank's contribution to the financing of airlines, its commitment to clients ad its capacity to arrange and deliver financing solutions tailored to their activity and to the market context.

At the award-giving ceremony, two "Deal of the Year" awards were also given for transactions set up by Natixis: the "Asia Aircraft Leasing Deal of the Year" award for financing of 6 Airbus A321 aircraft (French Operating Lease with ECA Guarantee for Air China), and the "Innovative Debt Deal of the Year" award for the Doric/Emirates transaction.

20 November 2012

Natixis is taking part in the Euroweek Syndicated Loans Awards 2012

A major player in syndicated loans, Natixis has seen its market share double within two years on the secondary loan market.

Voted Bank with the most improved Market Profile by Euroweek in 2011, this year Natixis is targeting the award for the Best Secondary Loans House 2012 in the leveraged finance category.

To learn more: Natixis, your partner on the secondary loan market

The deadline for voting is November, 23rd:

14 November 2012

EDHEC - Risk Institute and NATIXIS set up a research chair on the investment characteristics and governance of infrastructure debt instruments

EDHEC - Risk Institute and Natixis are proud to announce the creation of a research chair entitled Investment and Governance Characteristics of Infrastructure Debt Instruments.

The purpose of the chair is to contribute to clarifying the nature and investment profile of infrastructure debt instruments in order to reduce the relative shortfall of publicly available investment data on the subject, compared to longer established investment segments.

The chair will specifically focus on the risk and return characteristics and portfolio diversification benefits that infrastructure debt instruments can bring to institutional investors.

The research associated with the Natixissponsored Infrastructure Debt Chair will be led by Research Director Frederic Blanc-Brude, Ph.D., who has more than ten years of research experience in the infrastructure sector and has published numerous academic papers on this topic.

This three-year partnership was officially signed on October 22 by Laurent Mignon Natixis Chief Executive Officer and Noël Amenc Director of EDHEC - Risk Institute.

22 October 2012

Natixis, a key player on the European infrastructure debt market

As part of its continued commitment to the infrastructure and project finance business, Natixis has entered into an innovative partnership agreement with Ageas and is holding its first "European Infrastructure Day" conference.

Natixis is opening the infrastructure finance business up to institutional investors via an innovative partnership agreement reached in August with insurance company Ageas, one of the 20 leading European companies.

Natixis and Ageas share a similar belief that infrastructure debt is a high-potential asset class for institutional investors explains Benjamin Sirgue, global head of infrastructure and project finance.

This agreement involves Ageas investing in infrastructure loans set up by Natixis on the basis of selected criteria defined in agreement with Ageas, with the bank retaining a pre-agreed percentage of each facility. Through this partnership, Ageas intends to build a portfolio of 2billion over a 23 year period. Natixis will undertake the servicing of all the loans in the portfolio.

This partnership is a major step forward for the European infrastructure debt market. Natixis is a pioneer in this sector and aims to open the way to non-bank participation on a large scale via its infrastructure and project platform. The bank will continue to act as a major adviser, arranger and servicer of infrastructure and project finance debt according to Pierre Debray, global head of Structured Finance at Natixis.

In an effort to further develop the infrastructure and project finance market, Natixis is holding its first European Infrastructure Day conference on 23 October in Paris. This event will bring together a number of experts to present their findings and examine the infrastructure debt asset class and its outlook.

These initiatives demonstrate Natixis constant quest for solutions to meet its clients needs, and show its ability to innovate in todays challenging commercial and regulatory environment.

9 October 2012

Natixis has become a member of Equiduct

Natixis has become a member of Equiduct, the pan-European electronic trading platform. The bank strengthens its Best Execution services intended for clients of its partner banking networks.

Natixis is one of the first French banking establishments to offer the Equiduct service to its retail clients. Thanks to this new service, clients can make actual gains, by having their orders executed at the best price offered on all markets, and get a global and transparent view of European markets. Best Execution services were introduced in 2007 via a MIF Directive. These services are provided in a regulated market approved by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and are secure.

July 2012

Natixis research, new application for Pad®

Natixis' credit, economic and equity research teams are offering their subscribed clients unique access to all of their publications via the Natixis Research application for iPad®.

Built to deliver a unique and user-friendly interface for our three research sectors, the Natixis Research app enables Natixis clients to consult publications to which they subscribe and download them for off-line reading. This gives them the possibility of reading at their leisure the publications stocked in their tablet when they are travelling.

Research is an integral part of the Natixis offering: the daily publication of its analyses helps to shed light on decisions made by clients and participate in the process of creating financial solutions adapted to their needs.

Find our application on the App Store® or download it directly here from your iPad.

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50 public institutional groups meet at Natixis

Responding to an invitation from Natixis, around fifty public institutional bodies that included a number of leading central banks and sovereign wealth funds attended our annual seminar dedicated to public financial institutions from 5 to 8 June.

In light of the current backdrop, the seminars scope was to address these clients specific challenges. The programmes agenda included:

  • presentations by Natixis experts on the organisation and role of European institutions, the accuracy of economic indicators and other related topics,
  • debates by renowned experts on the future of European institutions, analysis of regulatory frameworks, etc.,
  • a wide range of training sessions on portfolio management that allowed participants to choose their preferred session to fit their requirements,
  • workshops on an extensive range of topics that spanned credit allocation viewed against the current sovereign debt backdrop, common European government bonds and covered bonds.

The event provided Natixis with the opportunity of assisting our public financial institution and sovereign wealth fund clients, in addition to advising them and offering investors and borrowers mix-and-matchable products and services.

June 2012

Natixis Credit Research team amongst Europes top five

Euromoneys annual Fixed Income Research Survey for 2012 which polled 2,000 global fund managers and investors ranked the Natixis Credit Research teams amongst the best for the quality and relevance of their analyses.

Natixis is positioned No. 5 European bank for credit research for 2012 and ranks among the top 10 across all the sectors covered by the bank.

The Bank was voted*:

No. 1 for Covered Bonds & Pfandbriefe

No. 2 for Utilities

No. 3 for Supranationals and Agencies

No. 4 for Insurance, Automotive, Telecom & Media

No. 5 for ABS, Consumer & Retail, and Industrials

No. 7 for Banks and Credit Strategy

No. 9 for High Yield

These awards are the result of our high-quality fundamental research and our commitment to our clients. Leveraging its range of daily publications, the Credit Research team delivers clients respected, across-the-board and independent analysis of over 150 issuers in the eurozone bond market.

The Best credit research for Covered Bonds and Pfandbriefe award also underscores Natixis expertise in the covered-bond market for more than 12 years. Our standing as world leader in this field was cemented in 2011 when industry magazine The Cover awarded Natixis the "Best Bank for Covered Bonds 2011" prize**.

*Source: Euromoney - Fixed Income Research Survey 2012

**Source: The Cover / Euroweek - Covered Bond Awards 2011

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Natixis, MLA of the year for Renewables

Natixis was named MLA of the Year  Renewables at the Infrastructure Journal Awards 2011.

Responsible and recognized expertise

This award is the crowning piece of 2011, which was a very active year in this sector with 11 major projects structured and financed by the Project Finance team of Natixis Corporate and Investment Banking division in France and worldwide. The 11 projects represent a total capacity of 1,200 MW. A number of these projects were also named Deal of the Year at the award ceremony.

These successful operations serve to consolidate Natixis world position in the top 10 of banks active in the financing of energy transition and of green and responsible growth.

A fast-growing business

The growth of the project finance business came with an offer expanded to new technologies (offshore wind power, biomass) and to new countries, such as Canada, Germany, and the United Arab Emirates.

Globally, Natixis anticipates all new issues, requirements and opportunities related to sustainable development. As a result, it is in a good position to better take into account and understand the limitation and compensation of the social and environmental impact of the projects it finances.

Our other rankings

24 April 2012

Natixis celebrates 10-years of business in Moscow

After obtaining a banking licence in Russia in 2002, Natixis has accompanied its corporate clients and financial institutions in the region over the past 10 years.

The group has developed a sizeable commodities financing business, as well as specialised financing services (aeronautics, exports and project financing etc.) and capital markets activities.

Today, Natixis is continuing to expand in Russia, by extending its product offering and consolidating relations with its clients.

30 March 2012

Natixis is running for Euromoney award Best Fixed Income Research House of the year

You can vote until the 13 of April.

Click here to vote

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Natixis plans to open a German Pfandbriefbank

Natixis is planning to establish its own mortgagebank (Pfandbriefbank) in Germany, located in Frankfurt. A corresponding application has been already sent to the German regulator (BAFin).

The new bank is to be known as Natixis Pfandbriefbank AG and will be 100% owned by Natixis S.A., Paris. The main activity of this newly established mortgagebank will be the financing of European commercial real estate transactions, with a geographical focus on Germany and France. The eligible part of the business will be refinanced through the issuance of covered bonds backed by mortgages (Hypothekenpfandbriefe).

Henning Rasche and Ralf Wittenbrink are the designated board members of the new bank. Both have many years experience in capital markets and have been board members of German mortgagebanks in the past. Henning Rasche was chairman of the association of German mortgagebanks (VDP  Verband deutscher Pfandbriefbanken) until mid-2010.

26 January, 2012

US$270 M and 50 M Catastrophe bonds for SCOR Global P&C SE

Natixis successfully placed, as joint bookrunner, US$270 M and 50 M catastrophe bonds issued by ATLAS VI Capital Limited, an Irish special-purpose company.

This transaction provides SCOR Global P&C SE with US$270 M protection against hurricanes and earthquakes in the United States up to December 31, 2014 and with 50 M protection against windstorms in Europe up to March 31, 2015.

This transaction is another key step for Natixis in the cat bond market and marks the expansion of its catastrophe bonds offering to US risks. As of December 12th 2011, Natixis has lead managed 100% of the Euro denominated cat bonds and more than 18% of all catbonds issued this year.

15 Décember 2011

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myCampus Cash management: expertise and innovation in client training

Natixis is launching myCampus Cash management, an innovative cash management multimedia and multichannel training tool for clients.

The tool is based on an innovative Internet site and on "myCampus", an iPhone®, iPod Touch® et iPad® application downloadable from App Store.

This innovative tool, which is guided by the avatar Elise, offers cash management clients the opportunity of informing and training themselves about the best cash management practices using a WebTV, interactive FAQs, a Serious Game* and training and e-learning modules developed by training experts and specialists.

myCampus Cash management delivers access to resources and training wherever the clients location. The client may do so even without an Internet connection as training sessions downloaded from App Store can be conducted offline.


*Serious games are designed for the purpose of solving a problem. Although serious games can be entertaining, their main purpose is to train, investigate, or advertise. Sometimes a game will deliberately sacrifice fun and entertainment in order to make a serious point.

12 December 2012

Natixis successfully placed 180m catastrophe bonds for AXA GLOBAL P&C

Natixis successfully closed the placement, as joint bookrunner, of a European windstorm risk transfer transaction for AXA Global P&C.

This is the second issuance under the Calypso Capital Limited program set up by AXA Global P&C, after the 275 million issuance closed in October 2010.

This transaction provides AXA Global P&C with protection against the risk of a large windstorm in Europe. 180 million Euros of risk are transferred to capital markets via this issuance.

This deal is an additional key step of Natixis product range development (catastrophe bonds) for its client base of insurers and reinsurers, and reinforces the leadership of Natixis in the European CatBond market in 2011.

This communication does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy the securities mentioned herein in any jurisdiction in which such an offer or solicitation is illegal. The securities mentioned herein have not been, and will not be, registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the Securities Act), and may not be offered or sold in the United States except pursuant to an exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act.

Natixis stands out in the United States by leading a $1 billion bond issue for SANOFI

Natixis acted as book-runner and successfully placed a three-year $1 billion bond issue for the pharmaceutical company SANOFI.

This success confirms the expertise and development of the Global Debt Platform.

Natixis accompanied several clients on the primary bond market during the first half of 2011, which consolidates its leading position in this field. Present in all jurisdictions with an extensive knowledge of investors and issuers, Natixis has become a front-rank player on global primary bond markets.

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Natixis, best covered bond bank for 2011

Natixis was chosen by 340 participants in the covered bond market (issuers, investors and brokers) in a survey conducted in September 2011 by The Cover, a EuroWeek publication.

This award* confirmed Natixis expertise in the covered bond market for over 12 years and its position as a leading global bank in 2011, in all currencies.

In a high market volatility context, covered bonds are one of the main financing instruments available to banks. Banks world-wide have used them to raise more than 165 billion so far in 2011.

In 2011, Natixis is n°1 for covered bonds by the number of transactions with 62 syndicated transactions lead managed (source: Dealogic au 23/09/2011). Natixis is active in all jurisdictions and has market-leading knowledge of both investor and issuer needs on top of in-depth expertise on primary and secondary markets, dedicated research, global distribution and a dedicated structuring team.

* Best Overall Bank for Covered Bonds  Covered Bond Awards 2011  The Cover / EuroWeek  September 2011

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Natixis reopens the securitization market in France

Natixis played an active role in the reopening of the primary securitization market in Europe with the first French asset securitization since the beginning of the crisis in 2007 for Socram Banque (Titrisocram 2011-1).

After having managed the public placement of two securitization operations in 2001, i.e. Claris 2011-1 (560 million) for the Italian bank Veneto Banca and Headingley 2011-1 (500 million tranche) for the English bank Lloyds Bank, Natixis added another success in this area by arranging and marketing the 450 million car loan securitization for Socram Banque.

Investor request for the tranche rated AAA/Aaa by Standard Standard & Poors and Moodys was very strong with 1.3 billion of interest with a final size of 409.5 million (oversubscribed three times). This success is the result of the winning combination of:

 The experience of Socram Banque (40-year car loan specialist in France) and the borrowers it targets (the long-standing clients of its shareholders which are cooperative insurance companies);

 The quality and diversity of the securitized loan portfolio;

 The transparency of the securitization structure in line with all the reporting standards required by the market and by regulations;

 A favorable market context, i.e. scarcity of products with exposure to French risk and issue spread tightening, despite uncertainties on sovereign debt restructuring.

The economic situation is favorable for this type of operation considering the reopening of the securitization market in the context of the upcoming Basel III regulations.

This exceptional success was made possible by the Socram Banque teams and the rapid execution of the operation due to the mobilization of Natixis*, one of Socram Banques arranger/bookrunner partners. With this new success, Natixis confirmed its leading position on the primary securitization market.

* in collaboration with BNP Paribas

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Natixis voted Best arranger of Vietnamese syndicated loans

Natixis voted Best arranger of Vietnamese syndicated loans for 2010 by EuroWeekAsia.

In a ceremony in Hong Kong, EuroWeekAsia unveiled its list of prize-winning financial institutions in the Asian syndicated loan market in 2010. More than 80 market players were invited to rate the performance of their peers and to choose the most outstanding deals of 2010. Natixis was singled out as the Best arranger of Vietnamese syndicated loans, one of the most competitive markets.

The Asia-Pacific region is one of Natixiss strategic priorities. The Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB) now has around 15 offices in 12 countries in the region. This platform is organized from the regional center in Hong Kong and covers most of CIBs activities. It is geared to working with major Asian corporations in the region, but also to helping large European clients execute their expansion plans in Asia.

As part of its ambitious redeployment plan in the capital markets field in 2010, Natixis reinforced its debt structuring and distribution activities via the creation of a global debt platform. This platform notably includes a syndication activity that ranks Natixis as one of the most active syndicated loan arrangers in the Asia ex-Japan region.

This regional presence is to be reinforced this year via new offices in the region that will optimize local coverage and the service offered to clients. 2011 will also feature efforts to redeploy an array of capital-market products and to bolster the sales force.

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Natixis named Bank of the Year for Project Finance in Europe

Natixis has been awarded the title Europe Bank of the Year by Project Finance International, the leading source of global Project Finance intelligence. This award recognises Natixis Project Finance expertise in both advisory and debt arrangement across all industrial sectors.

This capability is illustrated by the numerous transactions Natixis led as Mandated Lead Arranger throughout Europe, specifically in France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Sweden as well as in the Middle East in Oman. Project Finance International also highlights the innovative and exemplary nature of the three transactions on which Natixis acted as financial advisor that were successfully completed in 2010, i.e. in France for the Exeltium and Marseilles Stade Vélodrome Projects and in the Middle East for the Emirates Steel Industries Expansion Project in Abu Dhabi.
Natixis operates globally across all Project Finance industrial sectors, namely infrastructure, power and renewable energy, natural resources and telecommunications.
The Project Finance team, which is physically located worldwide, offers a wide range of products and services to major clients of the Bank. Services include financial advisory, debt arrangement, underwriting and distribution of senior and subordinated bank debt, arrangement and distribution of bond issues, interest rate, foreign exchange and commodity risk hedging products.

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Welcome to the new Natixis CIB website

Welcome to Natixis new Corporate and Investment banking website, which provides you with an insight into its businesses and product offering on capital markets and structured finance.