Our E-Commerce Offer

Natixis leverages its multi-dealer electronic trading platforms to offer a comprehensive range of interest-rate, credit and forex products.

Fixed-Income E-Commerce offering
Forex E-commerce offering

Fixed-Income E-Commerce offer

Natixis operates on the main electronic trading platforms (Bloomberg, Tradeweb and BondVision) for interest-rate, credit and derivative products.

Natixis allows you to execute your transactions on the following products:

  • Government Bonds
    • In European countries: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Finland, Greece and Ireland,
    • Inflation-linked bonds: in France, Germany, Italy and Greece.
  • Covered Bonds, Supras, Agencies and Sovereigns: on major European signatures, e.g. CFF, EIB, KFW, EFSF and CADES.
  • Corporate Bonds: across a wide range of sectors including automotive, construction and real estate, retail, industrials, media, transport and aerospace–defense, utilities, telecom and high yield.
  • Financial Bonds: Senior fixed-rate, Lower Tier 2 fixed-rate, Tier 1 fixed-rate, subordinated insurance debt and FRNs.
  • Interest-Rate Derivatives:
    • Euro OIS: Eonia Spot to 0-24 months
    • Euro IRS: EUR vs 3M Euribor 2-30 years, EUR vs 6M Euribor 2-30 years, curve spreads, butterflies
    • USD IRS: USD vs 3M Libor Semi-Annual from 2 to 30 years, USD vs 3M Libor Annual from 2 to 30 years.

Forex E-commerce offer

Natixis is a market maker for FX products. We provide spots, outrights, swaps and forward/forwards on a 24-hour basis.

Through multi-dealer platforms:

  • FXall,
  • 360T,
  • Bloomberg,
  • Currenex,
  • Trading Screen.

On currencies:

  • Majors: EUR, USD, JPY, CHF, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD, ZAR,
  • Scandinavia: SEK, NOK, DKK,
  • Eastern Europe: PLN, CZK, HUF,
  • Asia: CNH, THB, SGD, HKD.