Money-market products

We can invest your cash surpluses and provide a range of standardized and customized products for the short term (1 day to 1 year) or the long term (over 1 year).

Our range of standardized products

  • For short term needs, Natixis offers a comprehensive range of products on international markets:
    • term deposits,
    • open Deposits,
    • certificates of deposit,
    • euro commercial paper,
    • singapore certificates of deposits,
    • Australian short-term notes,
    • Yankee certificates of deposit,
    • US commercial paper.
  • For long term needs, Natixis devises products designed to suit your risk/return requirements and constraints:
    • vanilla and structured product issues,
    • based on a broad choice of underlyings: interest rates, currencies, inflation, commodities, credit, equities,
    • instruments matching your needs: EMTN, BMTN, structured deposits, stand-alone bonds, Schuldschein, Namensschuld-verschreibung, German certificates, Pfandbriefe, warrants.

Our range of customized products

We leverage our in-depth expertise to devise customized products that meet your specific needs (early exit possibilities, structured indexing, etc.):

  • repo and collateral management: sovereign, corporates, credit products, triparty repo & pooling solutions, unsecured securities lending, cross-currency repo,
  • multi-currency products: active management of a wide range of currencies,
  • numerous interest-rate benchmarks: fixed rates, variable rates 1, 3 or 6 months (Euribor, Libor, etc.), OIS (Eonia, Effective Fed Funds, etc.).