Interest-rate products

Our range of interest-rate products embraces cash products (government debt) and derivatives for both investment and hedging purposes, ranging from the simplest to the most customized formats.

Euro-denominated government debt

Natixis is a key player on all euro-denominated government debt products:
  • in European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, etc.),
  • on primary markets (primary dealer in government debt in France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Slovakia) and secondary markets,
  • over the long and short terms,
  • for fixed rates, floating rates and zero coupons,
  • for inflation-linked debt.

Vanilla interest-rate derivatives

Natixis covers the full spectrum of classical interest-rate derivatives:
  • swaps, OIS, FRAS, caps, floors, swaptions,
  • for the main European, US and Asian currencies, as well as emerging currencies.

Natixis provides liquidity on:
  • swaps and other vanilla derivatives over the short and long terms,
  • derivatives for hedging bond issues,
  • asset swaps,
  • hedging or liability optimization programs via a broad range of complex interest-rate products.
We are also highly active in the inflation asset class, both for cash bonds and bespoke derivative solutions (vanilla and hybrid).

Structured interest-rate products

Natixis furnishes an extensive array of structured interest-rate products in euro, dollar and JPY, in the form of derivatives or incorporated in an investment product.