Forex products

Natixis has a full, detailed and cohesive range of forex products and leverages its forex-structuring expertise to develop bespoke hedging and optimization solutions.

A major player on the interbank forex market

Natixis provides prices for the main currencies and distributes forex products around the clock by leveraging a global organizational structure and locally based teams in New York, Paris and Hong Kong.

A cohesive and comprehensive range of forex products

  • Spot, currency futures, and simple and structured currency options
  • A proprietary electronic spot and forward platform, and forex swaps operating around the clock (Dealing FX), with a real-time client order management system also functioning on a 24-hour basis
  • A strong presence on multi-dealer distribution platforms (FX-All, 360T, Bloomberg, RTFX and Currenex).

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Tailor-made solutions

  • Development of tailor-made hedging solutions for corporate clients
  • A comprehensive catalogue ranging from plain vanilla to structured products (simple products meeting clients’ risk/return requirements)
  • Higher-yielding products for investors
  • Specialized advisory services (forex strategy/structuring), and economic publications focused on currencies
  • Dedicated quantitative forex research geared to developing structured products.