Commodity markets

Natixis provides its clients with risk management services through OTC derivatives on a diverse range of commodity underlyings, including base metals, precious metals and energy.

Products and markets

    Located in Paris, London, New York and Hong Kong, Natixis utilizes strength of cross-product structuring and distribution to offer risk management services to institutional and corporate clients, including producers and consumers of commodities and other commodity or financial intermediaries.

    Natixis offers a product range dedicated to investors, in particular on commodity indexes.

    Risk management services on a large range of underlyings:

  • base metals: copper, aluminum, nickel, zinc, lead and tin,
  • precious metals: gold, silver, platinum and palladium,
  • energy: crude oil (multiple references), refined products (distillates, gasoline, fuel oils) and US natural gas,
  • carbon: credits (CER, ERU) and permits (EUA).

  • A wide range of financially settled products denominated in all G7 currencies and select others:

  • swaps, forward,
  • vanilla options,
  • bespoke options, complex options,
  • more tailored solutions.

  • Natixis responds to customers’ specific needs in commodity markets. The bank also offers a range of Islamic financial products on commodities.

Services and solutions

    Natixis combines its expertise in commodity risk management, economic research and structured financing to enable its clients to comprehensively manage exposure to commodity price volatility.
    Commodity research, as part of Natixis’ Global Markets research department, offers expert analysis of the economic, cyclical and financial aspects of energy, precious and base metal markets within a worldwide context. On a weekly basis, the team provides a complete overview of market evolutions as well as fundamental analysis of the main commodities in the “Weekly Commodity Review” publication. Natixis releases other dedicated commodity papers on special market events (Datasnap, Metals & Energy Reviews).
    Natixis also boasts comprehensive coverage of energy, metals and soft commodities financing for all players in the commodities value chain: producers, transformers, importers, traders, distributors and service providers.

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